AI that answers your phone calls

Your customers will be blown away when they hear your own AI phone agent. Answers your calls 24/7

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AI call answering service

Always Available, Always Professional

From the moment your business phone rings, our AI technology makes sure your business is always available and every call is handled perfectly.

Lifelike voice

Like a real phone receptionist, Answering AI's new enhanced model has a lifelike tone and prosody, made to sound more human.

Send links via text

Your phone receptionist will send links via text (US only) or WhatsApp to provide quick and efficient interactions.

Available in over 50 languages

Our technology automatically can detect your caller's language and switch immediately.

No more missed calls. Your own Al agent that answers 24/7

Some benefits of having an Al agent answering the phone for your business.

Always available.
Your AI receptionist never sleeps and can answer multiple calls at the same time.
Affordable for all businesses.
Save costs while keeping your business phone always available.
Delight your customers
Provide instant responses, ensuring an exceptional experience for every caller.

Our technology

Advanced conversational AI technology, available for your business

We enable small businesses and entrepreneurs to have advanced conversational artificial intelligence technology just like large enterprises.

Advanced AI technology

Trained with thousands of real customer service calls, our AI can predict the best information to send to your caller in real-time.

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Lifelike interactions

Our natural language processing algorithm can understand and speak like a real human in a phone conversation.

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Easily customizable

Provide links to frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, take messages, and more. Our AI will send it in the right time.

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Supercharge your business with our AI call answering service.

From answering frequently asked questions to taking messages, our customizable AI adapts to your business needs.