AI that answers your phone calls

Your customers will be blown away when they hear your own AI phone agent. Answers your calls 24/7

AI phone answering service

AI call answering service

Always Available, Always Professional

From the moment your business phone rings, our AI technology makes sure your business is always available and every call is handled perfectly.

Advanced AI technology

Trained with thousands of real customer service calls, our AI can predict the best way to reply in real-time, even in complex scenarios.

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Lifelike interactions

Our natural language processing algorithm can understand and speak like a real human in a phone conversation.

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Easily customizable

Answering AI learns from your business and can respond to frequently asked questions, take messages, and act like a human phone receptionist.

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Aligns perfectly with your business goals

Answering AI is designed with solo practitioners and small businesses in mind. Set a goal in the Dashboard and your AI phone receptionist will lead the call to complete it.

Set goals like booking an appointment, answering pre-sales questions, or offering phone support while notifying you of the most complex cases. Without weeks of training a human agent, or frustrating your customers with outdated IVR solutions or endless phone trees.

Works with your existing business phone number.

Redirect your calls with your phone provider, or set it up with a VoIP solution like Skype or TextNow with one of our integration guides.

Answering AI integrates with Skype Answering AI integrates with TextNow Answering AI integrates with Grasshopper Answering AI integrates with Aircall

Answering AI Skills

Do more with every call

Add abilities to your AI phone call receptionist with Skills. We are constantly adding new Skills to accomplish the tasks you want.

Basic information
Answer basic business information like taking opening times and field of work. Respond basic questions quickly.
Take messages
Take a message and get your caller full name and phone number. Also, ask important information relevant to your business.
Frequently asked questions
Reply frequently asked questions. With natural language processing, your caller can receive information like prices and relevant information.
Receive a summary after every phone call, including relevant information and integrate it in your business flow.

Supercharge your business with our AI call answering service.

From answering frequently asked questions to taking messages, our customizable AI adapts to your business needs.