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Your customers will be blown away when they hear your own AI phone agent. Answers your calls 24/7

AI phone answering service

Get the latest AI technology to answer your phone

In minutes and without any coding

Connect the most powerful AI model in less than 2 minutes, no coding required

OpenAI GPT-4o

Connect your own Twilio phone number and have total control of your number


For every type of business

AI call answering service


Small businesses


Law Offices


Online Stores


Dental practices




SaaS websites


Barber shops


Event Producers


And much more

Simple & Transparent Pricing


/ month

Solo Business Plan

  • 2,000 minutes ($0.05 extra minute)
  • 1 Twilio Phone number connection
  • GPT-4o connection


/ month

Agency Plan

  • 6,000 minutes ($0.04 extra minute)
  • 3 Twilio Phone number connections
  • GPT-4o connection

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Bring the power of AI to your phone

Fast, reliable and easy


Cutting-edge AI

Powered by GPT-4o. Use your own API key to leverage OpenAI's TTS, STT and LLM without code.


Worldwide coverage

Connect local and mobile voice-capable phone numbers around the world from your Twilio account.


Language switching

Your callers can switch languages mid-conversation without any hiccup.


Fast Responses

Experience responses in as fast as 500ms. Have lifelike and snappy conversations


Simple prompting

Just like ChatGPT, prompt the behavior of your AI receptionist using a text prompt.


External actions

Fetch external data easily. Just define the external services to connect to, in your prompt.

Modify behavior or trigger external actions only using prompts

Just like when prompting ChatGPT, you are free to create your rules, your way. Answering AI can also connect to any external service, just providing the information where to fetch or send data.

No coding experience needed.
Answering AI gives the tools to GPT-4o to create mid-call connections with any system. Just add the information on how to connect to your prompt.
Total freedom.
Create your AI phone receptionist your way. Include working hours, products, and scenarios for your receptionist to imitate.
Ready for the future.
We are constantly updating Answering AI to use the latest models and technology, so your receptionist will become smarter and smarter.
Type your prompt here

You are a phone receptionist for Acme Inc. Your role is to answer questions, and in case of any doubt you can't answer in these instructions, create a ticket.

To create a ticket, send via Webhooks by Zapier the caller's phone number, their name and the issue:


Data to send:
   "phone": "123-456-7890",
   "name": "John Doe,
   "issue": "Description of the issue"

Once the ticket is created, tell the caller we will return the call.

We’re here to help

We have compiled a set of Frequently Asked Questions. Our resources are designed to help you get the most out of our service with ease. If you have more doubts, our support team is ready to support you in any step of your journey.

Let AI handle your business phone calls.

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